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  1. *BUMP* Please help....the presentation is in a few days and there are no vids as no one wants to go first! *cries*
  2. You guys might know this.... Ive been a crappy friend and forgotten someones birthday party and presents. To make it up to them when i see them on tuesday i hoped to wow them by feeding their Hello Kitty obsession and getting something really cool - but i dont know what. All the good stuff seems to need to be shipped to the Uk and whenever i have ordered things from hong kong before its taken weeks. I can delay until friday maybe by 'forgetting' to bring it thus sucking even more.... But to do that i would have to have found something really good and hello kitty based.....ideas?
  3. Congrats You know what, its a good job we havent met - im 6'1 - i would dwarf you!
  4. Long time, no bumping! And, for once, bumping with good cause. For lent, me and my girlies decided to be productive for once and give up 2 things, and start 1. Im giving up Facebook and Chocolate and starting a diet. My mum's wedding is 2 months away to the day. So i am to loose 2 stone by then.
  5. I gave him a bell about it, and he said he was in - but it seems hes not go round to making one yet. Fingers crossed. Cheers my lovely.
  6. ASAP if possible phunky. I mean the presentation isnt for 2 weeks - but no one wants to go first, so i hope once one or two videos are up, people will get the idea and start doing it. Oh and Caz, he's back on youtube - look what we have created! I love him.
  7. Your the second person to say that. Maybe make a video about why its not for you - so we have can a diverse (or even existant) range of vids Ha ha my plugging is so sublte
  8. *feels a new stalking project coming on* but i think i will let it wait until this one atleast works even if it isnt a success.
  9. Where does he live Caz, can i steal him and have him as my pet? And xBillyBrownx - If your up for it, a video would be good. You can make one and then use your youtube account by clicking 'respond to video' on the link given.
  10. Ha ha, no problem - sorry, got a little excited and carried away. Basically as a second part to a thesis im doing, i have decided to enter youtube world domination with my essay thinking it would impress the examiners, but now my idea has become so exciting in my head, that im just doing it for the fun of it. The essay is about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - it was a book written over 100 years ago that still plays a huge part in popular culture. People old and young know of it and love it. So the challenge is for people to make youtube videos about their opinions on it. The videos can be as creative as people like, or them just sat discussing the themes of the book and how its survived all these years, or basically whatever is related to the story that people feel like doing. I know one person whos doing their video about the first time they saw the film version of the book - but their video is in sign language (with on screen translation) Another is doing a piece of artwork and showing what various parts of the picture represent. Another is just sat infront of a webcam discussing whether or not the book was a form of politcal protest given the history of the time it was written. For a shorter explanation just watch the 3rd youtube link - or read the whole thing if your bored.
  11. Hi Guys, I was wondering if i could be cheeky and ask for some help. (Prewarning, this message is loooong) As some of you may or may not know, recently I have been working on a qualification in addition to my A levels called an EPQ. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is really simply an opportunity for students to gain an extra qualification (and thus university entry points) by some form of academic and or creative means related to one of their subjects. A large section of the marking also goes towards a formal presentation of how the examined piece came to be, detailing points of research and drafting processes (you can bet I’m looking forward to this!) Considering I am more in touch with writing than I am creation, I have written an essay on the journey of our much loved classic; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Since the novel was originally written in 1900, over the last 100 years it has seen many editions, adaptations and reinventions. My essay (or thesis of sorts) across 23 pages has taken a more deepened look at some of these adaptations including works such as ‘The Wiz’ and both the novel and musical; Wicked. Because this project does allow for some level of free reign whilst still being an academic piece, my mentor for the project suggested doing a second part to the project. Although it is hoped my book of an essay will achieve a high grade, the examiners for EPQs do like to see evidence of use of technology outside of Word processors, and my mentor thinks that I may achieve an even higher mark by perhaps creating a CD-Rom of pictures and movie clips related to the journey of the 1900 text in edition illustrations and other media. Expanding on this idea further, I have created a plan in which to really ‘wow’ at this presentation and to achieve a really high mark, a plan in which my mentor is oblivious to. But, I need your help. In thinking about ways in which I can incorporate technology into my essay, I began to wonder about the journey society has taken in terms of increased use of technology and some infuriating need for political correctness. In addition, since my mentor for the EPQ is also my Literature tutor, it reminded me of some of the slightly less work orientated lessons we have spent watching youtube. So my plan is this: As many of you who view youtube may be aware, with each video posted, there is the option of posting either a text or video response to it. When looking for a way to better explain this and my idea to you, I found a brilliant example of this coming from a youtube channel called ‘MadV’ Recently MadV posted this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0VS_3XmEpY&feature=channel_page It was a community challenge asking those who subscribe to this user to post a video response telling them what it meant, in one sentence, to be human. He received 300 video responses and almost 3,000 text responses to date. From the videos, he made this: That is my idea. This is a link to my new youtube account related to my EPQ. There is a video introducing the idea and detailing what video response I would like. For all of those who are able to, or feel comfortable in doing so, I would really appreciate it if you posted a video in response answering the questions put on that video. Generally the idea is people post videos about how the book relates to your growing up with the film or book ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, how you think it plays a part in modern society, the messages you think it gives (for example, those aware of American history see the tin man and scarecrow as a depiction of the industrial revolution considering it was fitting propaganda for the time it was originally written), your opinion on the cultural differences of oz and how that is seen in modern day (munchkins Vs residents of the Emerald City) and so on. Your video can be as simple or as creative as you like, To those of you capable, videos in other languages (with translations) are very much welcome, if not wonderful, even in sign language maybe if you know it. I know from personal experience that you are all a colourful and creative lot (possibly a little youtube mad in some cases) so im hoping you can give my project a real fun and global element. For those of you without video capabilities or who are a little bit shy, I am really hoping this idea will snowball into something huge, something global. So please send this youtube link on to everyone you can, and ask them to do so in turn. This is a community project now, not just an EPQ project – and it’s in the hands of the internet. The date for the presentation has been set for a month from now. But the essay and ‘disk’ must be handed in in two weeks. That gives me 2 weeks to do something really amazing, and I hope you share my enthusiasm for it. My hope is that this youtube channel will become more than just a grade, but will bring out that childhood magic in all who take part. If you have any questions or ideas in how to help, don’t be afraid to reply to this message or to me personally. All support of this idea is welcome. And sorry moderators if this is a little bit cheeky CM
  12. Been looking online for the past 2yrs lol They have only just started making them again but only in the shop. Every now and then a pair is listed on ebay but never my size.
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