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  1. Oh you are too nice, haha. I sort of look like I'm being tickled when I see him. Thanks!
  2. Haha thanks, I'm slightly frightened by my reaction but I'm glad some people seem to enjoy it. I actually just joined the MFC after the show, so I wasn't part of their Meet and Greet
  3. gotta say, I love your profile picture!

  4. Aw, he's sweet huh? I'm going to have to go back and read your report. I'm feeling nostalgic today even though it hasn't even been a month yet. He really was, it was nice. He could've just driven off, we wouldn't have even seen him.
  5. Ha, thanks. I'm glad my freakout amused someone. I've been a fan since 07' when LICM came out in the U.S.
  6. haha, that would be me... We ordered out ice creams and Andy was in on it so he had me talk about the wristbands then when I looked back up there was mika!
  7. I'm in the new video! YAYYYYYYY. haha I look like a complete idiot but I'm the one talking about glitter wristbands sounding very uneducated and then freaking out like a small child meeting Miley Cyrus when he appeared at the ice cream truck. I also got to say goodbye in the clip. I'm so excited, my face is the screencap for the video. haha. I know I recognized someone else from the MFC in the video but I'm not sure what her name was :/ Anyhow, it was so exciting just then to relive those two days.
  8. blueeyes

    Heyo :)

    yeah, I think you're spelling is really cool. I personally think California is too warm, we should swap! Haha, I love the rain and gloom.
  9. blueeyes

    Heyo :)

    thanks so much You'd be surprised how many people mistake it for Eva though
  10. blueeyes

    Heyo :)

    Aw dang. I didn't know someone else had that name. Sorry to whoever that is! I got it after hearing the new song actually. Hi, I really like how you spell your name by the way, and I wish I lived in England .