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  1. I've got permission from the mods to start this topic. Hi everyone, I used to collect anything Mika related, but havent looked at it it for a couple of years so it's time to sell everything. I will post links to the exact item I own below (if I couldnt find it online i'll post my own pictures), but if you want a new picture/more information let me know! If you want to make an offer, please send it to me in a PM and do not post it in this topic, thank you! Everything is located in the Netherlands if you want to look at shipping costs. If I, by accident, did break one of the rules. Please let me know 3 Track Promo (relax, happy ending & grace kelly) PICTURE 5 track Promo (grace kelly, love today, my interpretation, happy ending & relax) PICTURE 1 - PICTURE 2 - PICTURE 3 5 track Promo (grace kelly, love today, my interpretation, happy ending & relax)(ONLY CD) PICTURE Big Girl single (cardboard cover) Big Girl single (plastic cover) Can't stand losing (Armand van Helden) promo Celebrate (Pharell Williams) Grace Kelly Japan promo single PICTURE 1 - PICTURE 2 Grace Kelly Single 3 track Grace Kelly Single Promo 1 track Grace Kelly single 2 track Grace Kelly Vinyl 7'' Happy Ending Promo Happy Ending remixes promo Happy Ending Single 2 track Happy Ending Single 3 track Life in Cartoon Motion Album Life in Cartoon Motion Album China Life in cartoon motion album Taiwan Life in cartoon motion Casette Lollipop Single Lollipop the remixes promo PICTURE Love Today Single 2 track Love Today Single 4 track Love today Vinyl 12'' Relax take it easy / lollipop Relax take it easy Single 2006 Relax take it easy Single 2007 Songs for sorrow Button set PICTURE Songs for Sorrow EP Limited Edition (with autographs) PICTURE The boy who knew too much Asia Tour Edition tshirt 2007 tour size XL PICTURE Unofficial release Vinyl 12'' vest 2007 tour size L PICTURE FRONT - PICTURE BACK We Are Golden Single We are Golden Vinyl 7''
  2. Not sure if you are around, but Happy Birthday anyway :flowers2:

  3. Great pictures! I have nooo idea when and where i'll see them again, but i hope it won't be long. Glad to see you had a great time, germany seems to go really well for him
  4. haha, 'i'm not fangirling' they're so amazing, and i'm just really very happy me and jose are not alone in the thread anymore did you talk to him? did you say you went to his munich gig?
  5. too bad he doesnt have a car:mf_rosetinted:
  6. Great picture =D Tell me moreeee!
  7. I've tried and his signature stayed on perfectly =) I got mine signed about 13months ago and I think i washed it about 8 times since then, I dont wear the shirt too often. it still looks great =D
  8. you too?! haha, great =D and I knew they were in contact, someone who works for wouter told me a while ago, but i didnt know perez wanted to sign him?!
  9. haha, we'll never know! a few months ago, ive send him at least 50 messages, saying 'please please listen to himmm' and omygod, he so deserves to be mentioned by perez and and and...wow...i was shocked, really. I know! This is great, really
  10. ohmygod, http://perezhilton.com/2010-06-22-listen-to-this-pozz#respond
  11. I cant believe he really said 'this 'll be our last gig of the year..in this country'
  12. you can great:biggrin2:, I think he now has more germany gigs coming up than gigs in the Netherlands, but thats ok, we'll wait... aah perrfect, you're gonna enjoy it so so much If he does a clubtour end of the year, in Germany.. I think i'll come over for 1..or 2
  13. aahh, i really hope one of your colleagues will work for you. you HAVE to be there You bought it? thats great =D and it would be so great to go to a wouter gig with all mfcers, I'm going this sundayyyy
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