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  1. I hope MIKA does actually checks this from time to time to see how much his fans really do adore him, his is absolutely brillant and I just had the opportunity to see him live 2 weeks ago and was blown away, I've been listening to him on repeat for ages, whenever I'm down, I listen to him and it brightens my day, so much so that I've ordered an amazing poster to hang above my bed so that his amazing-ness is the first thing I see to start my day, I've ordered his live performance DVDs just to watch them whenever I'm feeling down, he should know that he has such a positive, amazing and just beautiful feeling that he and his music gives his fans. I hope to meet him one day and have loved Freddie Mercury since I was a child and MIKA is deffo THE Freddie of this generation and is already a legend! MIKA, you're amazing and a true talent, don't stop making people happy, you are a true legend and gift to the musical world! I also wanted to know if anyone knew where a 2010 MIKA calendar can be found? I've been looking online EVERYWHERE and have found 2008 and 2009, just no 2010. I adore you MIKA...keep putting a smile on my face!