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  1. Well that's just an adorable thing to say!! Thank you soo much!!:huglove: I'm sure I'll mee him too.. one day...:biggrin2:

  2. Thanks a lot! I'll keep checking as often as I can!
  3. Welcome to the MFC!! :huglove:

  4. I'm from England - I live just outside Reading, which is near London. How about you?

  5. Hi guys! Hope you're doing fine! Hey this is my problem: I'm a -last.fm- user (a music page, feel free to visit me ) and in the site they announced that Mika is coming to Mexico on February 10th, 2010... but, in the official tour dates there's no Mexico... though there's no 10th February neither... so do you know anything about this rumor? Reprograming or confirmation, anything!? I'll do anything to get in the front line and I don't want to miss the sell date or something like that! (it has happened before to me with so many other artist... such a shame u_u) Well... that's all I think... thanks everyone! Have a great day!! Catch you later! byee!
  6. Olrox

    Hola!! =D

    Thanks to everyone, this was such a warm welcoming, I'm glad to join you guys! Let's keep this on and on for Mika! I'll see you in the further threads!! Saludos!!
  7. Hii, thanks for the welcome message! Hey don't be jealous, I'm sure you'll get ot know Mika one day too! Don't give up, there's a reward for being such a good fan as everybody in here! Saludos! :D

  8. Hoola! fan de Mika mexicana! wheee es padre encontrar compatriotas por aqui, como estas? De que parte eres? Saludos!

  9. Hey thanks for the welcoming message! how r u! where r u from! Saludos =D

  10. Olrox

    Hola!! =D

    Hey guys, well I'm new as you can figure out and the reason is that Mika little by little frew on me 'til I became sort of addicted to his music. I started with singles only, later I bought albums and finally the cherry on top was his live performance last thursday here in Mexico, hell he's so talented and simple... it made me admire him even more, now I'll become as best fan as I can, so I'd like to keep an eye on what's going on around his colorful world! I'd love to talk with other Mika's fans as well! Guess that's all for now, hope to be back soon! Saludos desde México!
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