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  1. 好野 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 米加子終於返黎啦 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 如果係最後一日 , 佢會唔會stay耐d 0係hk ha ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 今次我地一定要令佢難忘 , 令佢愛上hk !!!!!!!!!! 我考完al都要幫手做禮物啊呀!!!!!!!!!!: :aah::aah::aah::aah::aah:
  2. Thx alot ! I dont know i hv added u already XD sori for that
  3. OH ! THAT'S LOOKS GREAT ! I WOULD LIKE TO HV 2 BOTTLES~ BUT HOW IS THE DETAILS ? ( ABT PAYMENT....ETC) MY MSN : duolon1988@yahoo.com.hk plz add me if u can~thx !!
  4. global dance event....? 請問這是什麼來的 @[]@ ( 這陣子都只顧溫書...沒有留意到呢~)
  5. excuse me , are u Ka Po ? =,= me needa take AL too~ add oil na~ XDDDDDD ======================== 對於中文的問題..... 因為這邊有朋友不會中文 -,- 但對於打中文/英文其實我沒有所謂 (雖然打錯過英文 XD) 不知大家意下如何 ?
  6. i know some of u gays start recording , but do we need a studio to do dat ? or just simply record it by our pc ? ( sori for so many questions) n the patchwork , do i need to sd to the person in charge ? n can i make more than 1 of it XDD
  7. hello everyone~ how come u gays have drawn so many plans XD i cant really follow ( as i hvnt been here for a few days ! ) btw , wt can i help ? cd ? meg ? i hv no ideas dat which part can i participate:shocked: ya , this made me so sad too @@
  8. so detail ! thx ! but do we needa set a deadline @@ coz M may come back next year
  9. hi olly~ XD i'm a very new comer of MFC lol maybe we can also included chinese name of his songs (but someone told me that mika has learnt chinese before , is it true ? @@) . i play piano + flute , n i am a poor drummer XD i also play saxophone , clarinet..... but after my dental surgery i cant perform these two well
  10. hey~hello~ long time no see ! why u gays suddenly change the channel XD He will love things with Chinese feature definitely '''How about using 我愛米卡. At the same time teach him how to write his name in Chinese XDDDDD Would it be more interesting XD''' i think that's a good idea to teach mika chinese !! besides i agree that he likes traditional features , so , why dont we include some chinese words ? i can play music intruments , btw
  11. 可唔可以''mika''4個字0係個正方形既布中間 (雖然可能冇咁靚 , 但都係一個做法 xd) 字母紙計劃我join ar~ 大前題係要用咩句子 ? (就是之前講0個句嗎 ?)
  12. 我冇上黎幾日 , 大家就chat得咁high了 @@ 4呎夠唔夠 ? (其實上次0個塊做左幾大 XD) 同埋影相0個個IDEA好啊 !!! 但我地真人要唔要上鏡
  13. 如果百家被變成布拼做mika twitter background隻golden donkey, 你地話好唔好?<= OK WOR~ DONKEY好啊 , 或做佢NEW ALBUM的怪獸 (SOR唔記得點串) 但技術呢個真係好大問題 ! :blink:
  14. GOOD IDEA~ 有冇限幾長AR個STORY 我可以幫助做百家布吧 XD 但你們指的好大好大=幾大 ? XDDDD btw你們有沒有FACEBOOK/MSN ? my msn : duolon1988@yahoo.com.hk LAST BUT NOT LEAST , HAPPY NEW YEAR !:thumb_yello:
  15. HALO~ 雖然我一直潛水 , 但我都可以幫手 有什麼可以幫忙的 ? xd ps我是香港人
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