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    Do you guys have a good day? 


    1. Paoletta


      yes thank you :thumb_yello:

  2. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    (小小聲說....)他最喜歡的是法文,....in his own way 😂😂😛 我喊了好幾年要學法文到現在還沒付諸行動😫😩😓,希望這個目標今年可以開始♥本來是要鎖定西班牙文的。但就再看看。
  3. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    Hello @Evishaw, 先不得不誇獎妳,竟然找的到這裡啊!!!!😂 這裡的MFCers 都很熱情,很好逛喔,前幾年忙於工作才沒回來,如果妳願意在這裡討論Mika 大小事,甚至準備合作做跨國禮物給他,是一個很棒的國際交流體驗的! 我也有在微博,超話: https://weibo.com/p/100808ec55fd159ad9cb9d69525dacc5e35805 大陸的粉絲外語能力超強的! Anyway 歡迎妳來🤗☺️😄😊 我的MFC 小貼圖不出來了,嗚嗚😩
  4. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    Thank you Eriko!! It's Nice to know you more!!
  5. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    Thank you Kumazzz! What's your name? You are big help with Asian fan (and me !) to know more about Mika I want to know you! How do you buy Mikas pilot pens kit ?teach me please! 😂😁
  6. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    Thank you, Silver!!! Still in the Chinese new year's atmosphere and Custom to the end of the Lantern Festival .(2 March )Thank you!
  7. Mika_baby

    ALL Mika fan-art - Part III

    just want to post some drawings about Mika's albums : There are just some of my collections and want to share in MFC^^ Life in cartoon motion happy ending-- its a beautiful song to present til now his performances He is adorable, grab so many hearts and quickly to be known by while world The boy who knew too much aside of planet, always can find some space when listening~^^ The Origin of love feel strong~more mature and somehow feel like he pursuit some time/love/moment/be loved/friend...~some... but just wish he happy so got a image of this....(girls or boys...it could be ok ?@@? anyway, race thing all alike ,from Oriental...so just it) feel~~~He want to meet someone badly~LOL No Place in Heaven released in 2015 and been out off his showbiz and MFC for 5 years, he said" no place in heaven cause the heaven in here"...(something like that) maybe just like kisses/ heats/ hunter hands are everywhere....but still some invisible line on this....that's way makes somebody in the world living so miserable, I guess, but what do I know~just drawing, ^^ hope his new stuff coming up soon in 2018~ yeah! ok, I've done. thank you for watching
  8. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    嘿! 看不到的就可惜了這個機會: 留言贈Mika的筆 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1316556211812225&id=252321711569019 Go get it!
  9. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    前幾天把Meek 的名字翻中文, 今天覺得:為什麼Junior 會先翻,是正確翻譯的嗎? Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. 小麥可荷布魯克皮尼曼
  10. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    Hello, 這是我今天發在twitter 的: ~祈求來年大富大貴!! 吃完象徵尾牙一過!!要準備大掃除.過新年囉!! 尾牙year-end party year-end feast 參考blog~^3^ https://t.co/oUsyCHmy26【健康養生飲食—上班族食譜】刈包--農曆12 https://t.co/zGcg8U1Ky0 大掃除今年我們家大致上完成了,great relief for me. (呼!)
  11. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    well, 現在是TPE的晚上,又來看一下, 希望這次過年還有人記得回來逛逛~ 我還是找點別的事情做好了
  12. 謝謝Eriko!you are my angel~^^
  13. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    so, it's not just me addiction on him right? it gotta someone seeking for his cover song? 分享我最近聽的這首,很有感覺的歌: Mika!!! Cover song Mika - You've Got A Friend (Carole King cover - Radio 2's Piano Room) sing along..... after....a lot of times, then it had Chinese meaning on it, help me my Chinese thread friends, hehe 【原唱歌手介紹】   這首歌是卡洛爾·金1971年的作品,收錄在她同年發行的專輯《Tapestry》當中。今天給大家介紹的這個版本是席琳迪翁、艾絲特凡、莎妮婭·特溫以及原唱卡洛爾 金在1998年第一屆VH1 Divas Live慈善演唱會上現場表演的版本。 和原作不同, Mika do some magic (musically) in there I think:   【英文歌詞】   When you're down and troubled   And you need a helping hand   And nothing, nothing is going right   Close your eyes and think of Mee   And soon I will be there   To brighten up (繽紛) your darkest night   You just call out my name   And you know wherever I am   I'll come running to see you again   Winter, spring, summer or fall   All you gotta to do is call   And I'll be there   If the sky above you   should't dark and full of clouds   And that old north wind begins to blow   Keep your head together   And call my name out loud   I 'll being knocking at your door   You just call out my name   And you know wherever I am   I'll come running to see you again   Winter, spring, summer or fall   All you got to do is call   And I'll be there, yes or yes   Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend   When people can be so cold   They'll hurt you, and desert you   Will take your soul if you let them   Oh, don't let them   You just call out my name   And you know wherever I am   I'll come running to see you again   Winter, spring, summer or fall   All you gotta to do is call   And I'll be there Yes I Waite.....   You've got a friend   【中文歌詞】    當你沮喪、困擾   需要關愛   諸事都不順的時候   閉上眼睛,想到我   我會立即趕到   將你最黑暗的夜晚點亮   你呼喊我的名字   你知道無論我身在何處   都會飛奔著來見你   無論春夏秋冬   只要你一聲呼喚   我就會出現   你有我這個朋友   如果你頭頂的天空 VH1 Divas Live   變得灰暗,佈滿烏雲   那淩厲的北風也開始颳起   集中精神   大聲喊出我的名字   我會很快出現在你門口   你呼喊我的名字   你知道無論我身在何處   都會飛奔著來見你   無論春夏秋冬   只要你一聲呼喚   我就會出現   當人情冷漠時   你是否歡欣有我這個朋友   你被無情傷害和背棄   甚至連靈魂也被帶走   但請你不要這樣   只要你呼喊我的名字   你知道無論我身在何處   都會飛奔著來見你   無論春夏秋冬   只要你一聲呼喚   我就會出現   你有我這個朋友 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 在我生活中,似乎很少有朋友可以談一些聽音樂的感動, 也許大家都是這麼的努力生活, 但音樂的撫慰力量也是很大的, 在台灣,有些人會寄託到偶像崇拜,太針對人了,但有時歌詞並不代表歌手的。(不過這又是另一個故事了。) 比較常態的是:大家去唱KTV,唱自己有感的歌....(我的確滿喜歡去ktv唱唱歌主要是和朋友一起的感覺,和歌又沒關了,哈!) 還有去演唱會,音樂祭,也很好,只要是支持音樂的想法正面。 而真正想要聊音樂,當然就在各歌手的fan club最有收獲,所以我又再次溜進來,雖然英文還是不很好,但,就慢慢回復以前的熱絡吧^^ 而這次在2017.11月聽到Mika翻唱首歌,天啊! too surprised me, that's what i need in that time(世大運), and good to hear this song seems some connected! (feel really have he be my friend as well~^^....) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 一個昨天在spotify聽歌時,看到會有各種歌詞的介紹,verified artists in there, isn't it great!! Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. 查歌詞好站 https://genius.com/Mika-grace-kelly-lyrics have a good day! 明天和我媽去台中玩, 31日,希望我的牙醫可以讓我拆掉牙套~(求祖先保祐) with love x
  14. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    雖然還沒有人, 先在這裡自言自語吧.... 這兩天想找一些mee的新照片,很少看到了?!
  15. Mika_baby

    The Chinese thread

    現在是台北晚上, 今天已經休假快滿一個月,重新複習了meeks, 專輯,表演和沒發現過的歌.. 現在對法文歌特別有興趣, “迷路之吻” 妳們也有聽嗎? 還有幾首,只能靠下載的。 Je Chante 那支MV我好喜歡!