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  1. why do i not know where this is from? Someone please tell me!! Oh and btw: i dont know you all but YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
  2. Okay thx...i always forget that
  3. okay you know im one of those newbies and i was very glad when i found this...hoping someone would finally explain the "chicken" to me....would you please do?
  4. Schön hier mal jemanden aus dem dmfc zu finden...
  5. hm....maybe your pic was stuck in his brain when he designed this...he just didnt notice thats what happens to me sometimes...i write a song and when i listen to it i realize its stolen but i think you should really go around and show off....thats what i would do
  6. Ein deutscher thread? das beweist mal wieder das ich GAR nix mitkriege :roftl:
  7. :blink: why do you think youre hated?
  8. wow thats soooo cool im from germany im not in the german fanclub...maybe i should go? :teehee: i went to the mika gig in düsseldorf last week it was fantastic :clap:

  9. Hello, I´m from Chile, I lOVE mIKA, and we just founded MIKA "We are golden" CHILE fanclub, our first meeting was last Saturday, and MIKA said HI to us from Twitter the same day , I guess it was a fantastic begin A kiss:thumb_yello:

  10. :wink2: hey im newbie too i saw your message on stephanies page

    I would say welcome but that would be stupid :roftl:

    How do you like it here?

  11. hey as i said im newbie and i have one worry: will i ever be able to delete my account again? not that i want to but my parents dont know about this and they could get very angry if they found out :fisch:

  12. R U KIDDIN ME??? haha i LOVE kick ass of COURSE ill buy it...plus its like the soundtrack of my mika gig for me I cant believe anyone who doesnt like it Oh well we are all different huh?
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