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  1. HOMAHGAWD IT'S VANESSA!! :huglove: HI! I've been...okay. School's been eating up my life. Makes me kinda sad, I want to go out and have an adventure!! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. :wink2:


    And what about you, my love?!

  2. Nono!! How ARE YOU??

    It's been so so so long.. Can we have a reunion soon?

    I love you.


    Also, Happy (very) belated birthday!!! :wub2:

  3. How've you been?! I love you my lady friend.

  4. For me it has also been many months since I've been on or posted... This is such horrific news. Paloma and her whole family will be in my prayers. It seems they will pull through, they're a strong bunch of people. Much love to them.
  5. Hi..! Happy Birthday..!happy-birthday.jpg

  6. Mis apellidos son Butron Mujaes, oye cuando estuviste con MIKA , cuentamelo todo!!!! q fantástico!!!!

  7. Lex these pics are so clear! That seems like an amazing camera haha.
  8. Hola Vanessa! Jajaja si, que divertido. Que es tu apeido? A lo mejor son lo mismo jaja.

    Como estas? :)

  9. Hola, Me llamo Vanessa soy de Chile, ojala seamos amigassss



  10. Estoy recando que todos estan bien! Como estan todos? Estamos tratando de llamar a mi familia en Chile. La noticia es el ulnico cosa que podemos ver para informacion. Deseo que todos ustedes estan bien.
  11. Hi Miss Moderator Lady, uhhh... I don't know how to tell you this, but




    Now that you're a mod, does that mean you can look into our private messages and check out our profiles and stuff? :naughty:

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