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  1. You should have come earlier, it's 03:20 am here and I'm ready to have a meet with my bed :teehee:

    Sweet dreams in heaven with MIKA and DM :hug::das:

  2. See I'm the opposite xD For me it goes:

    1 Heaven

    2 Soothe My Soul

    3 Everything else is the same level of perfection ;)

  3. sad-i-know-that-feel-bro_3969556_lrg.jpg


    That's my favourite after Soothe My Soul :das: :das: :das:

  4. That's a tough one... It has to be Heaven though. It's one of those songs where, after listening to it once, you go "How did I live before you were created?" You know?

    What's yours? :)

  5. Oh-la-la :das: :das:

    What's your favourite song??? :teehee:

  6. DM's new album, ofc :fangurl:

  7. Me too, what should we start with???

  8. It was awesome, thanks! I've missed talking with you

  9. How was the b-day btw??? :das: :das: :das:

  10. hahahahaha yes ^^ Happy New Year !!! :naughty:

  11. It was beautiful :D

    Oh hey there Dave :das::das::das: Am I still your cookiemaker?

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