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  1. BiaIchihara


    Hi Shirley, enjoy MFC
  2. Happy Birthday Bia :hug:



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    2. Dominika


      All the best!


    3. sara09


      Happy birthday! :flowers2:

    4. BiaIchihara


      Obrigada girls :huglove::huglove::huglove:

  3. BiaIchihara

    MIKA in French Press - 2018

    many thanks Kris
  4. BiaIchihara

    MIKA in French Press - 2018

    Is this one translated??? (I don't follow that much news about the Voice, that's why the question)
  5. BiaIchihara

    Please help South America get Mika gigs

    You're welcome, if you need something else to translate to Portuguese, here I am
  6. BiaIchihara

    GraefinvonKrolock says HI

    Welcome Vivien, have a lot of fun here :D
  7. BiaIchihara

    Please help South America get Mika gigs

    Here's in Portuguese O que acham, pessoal? Vejam, nós somos fãs latinos e estamos fazendo um projeto para Mika vir para a América Latina. É difícil, mas não impossível. É por isso que precisamos da ajuda de vocês. É algo simples, nós devemos fazer um trend no Twitter, Instagram e todas as redes sociais possíveis. Colocando a hashtag: #MikaInLatinAmerica #WeNeedMikaInLatinAmerica #MikaTourInLatinAmerica De verdade, nos ajudariam muito. Desde já, obrigada por lerem tudo, e nos apoiarem nisso. Mika está de volta e vem grandes novidades.
  8. BiaIchihara

    Mika in Brazilian Press 2018

    Thanks for opening the thread, Anna (btw, it's braZilian)
  9. Before Rio, he'll go to London and then Paris, so there'll be mystery for us for a pretty long time
  10. Just posted On Mikasounds thread, thanks Alba
  11. (Don't know if it's the right place, but) In this video, he says he's going to Rio for 4 days
  12. BiaIchihara

    The "Vote For Me!" Thread

    Thanks for your help, gonna share it there as well
  13. BiaIchihara

    The "Vote For Me!" Thread

    Hello peeps I'd like you help, I'm in a cultural contest on instagram, among the 9 most creative posts The prize is a space in a architecture course All you have to do is click on the link and like