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  1. Welcome Martina! Merry Christmas to you too!! We have the same name and I also come from Italy
  2. Unfortunately I have checked on Ticketone, yesterday I saw that there were only nine tickets, and they costed around 200 euros...
  3. Hi everyone! I am an Italian girl an I am really happy to be finally registered here, I really like this site! I've always wanted to be a part of a Mika fan club, because, indeed, I am an hopeless mikafreak I discovered him by chance about eight months ago, listening Relax on youtube and, keeping on listening other songs of him, I discovered that I already know a lot of them without being conscious of it I appreciate him both as an artist and as a person, I am really proud to be a fan of him. I hope to find here lot of like-minded people I apologize in advance for my bad english
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