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  1. I´m sorry but Italian isn´t our general language here and many of us don´t understand it. Could you please write in English?
  2. I don´t like the fact that they try to force me to get Line. I´m still not sure if I will install it or not......
  3. Sabine64

    Potential European date!

    Hi Tony and welcome to Mika´s fanclub. I fear you will have to give your wife a bonus card telling her she will get her gift later in the year when Mika will Tour. We know he will tour next year but still don´t have dates. But it´s a wonderful idea for a birthday gift . And yes maybe we all think we are Mika´s number one fans
  4. I don´t think I want to follow Mika on Line, I´m sure he won´t talk to us via this messenger. Even a few games can´t win me over
  5. Sabine64

    I'm back

    Welcome back Molly, I´m glad to see you here again.
  6. I already said it last year, it´s only 6 days in November, 3 days in December and 3 days in January and then 4 weeks for the live shows in April/May. So he still has enough time for his album and planning the tour. He already had dates for next year when I saw him the last time.
  7. Sabine64


    Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany
  8. Sabine64

    Hi From England!

    that´s why I buy nearly every version
  9. Sabine64

    Hi From England!

    o.k. on mine there is Promisland but not Tant Que J ´Ai Le Soleil . It´s confusing isn´t it?
  10. Sabine64

    Hi From England!

    really? I have all songs on my Deluxe ( English and French version ) and on the repack too
  11. Sabine64

    Hi From England!

    yes this one, I really really love it so much
  12. Sabine64

    Hi From England!

    if you will buy No Place In Heaven look for the Repack of the album, there are all the newer French songs on it also all bonus songs and a second CD with Sinfonic Songs of his first Sinfonic concerts in Montreal. It´s the blue audition.
  13. Sabine64

    Hi From England!

    Hi Gemma and welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany. Seeing Mika live is very addictive believe me, you always want more more more......
  14. Sabine64

    Mika's Dog Thread ▽・w・▽

    does anyone understand what he says? " Sharky, off ......." ?