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  1. Si, a Mika sembrava piacere molto la canzone. Anche io ho ascoltata la versione originale, è veramente molto bella !
  2. Sei fortunata ad essere andata alle registrazioni di The Voice ! Vuol dire che continua la competizione ? Sospeso.. Penso anche che lui ha qualcosa di diverso, puó andare lontano nella competizione. Non so perché, ma vado certo andare al Teatro Petrulli..
  3. Grazie mille per tutti i consigli! Avevo già sentito parlare della basilica e penso anche da fare un tour ad alberobello. C’è tante cose da vedere! Non vedo l’ora di visitare la tua città !
  4. Buongiorno ! Non so si sono sul buono thread, scusa se disturbo Ho una domanda che non è davvero collegate con Mika : Sono francese ( Lo so, è evidente nella scritura) e vado a Bari la prossima settimana. Adesso, come siete i specialisti dell’Italia, volevo sapere se uno di voi conosce un luogo speciale da visitare assolutamente o un buon ristorente a Bari o nella Puglia. E perché non è possibile di postare senza parlare di Mika.. Ho adorato la sua reazione con Guillaume Sabado Come avete trovato la sua prestazione ?
  5. Thank you ! I've never heard about this event but feel like there is so much to discover on this website See you
  6. Wouaouh I totally agree with you this gif is !! See you
  7. Thank you and nice to meet you ! hihi Mika's craziness' moments are so lovely Where did he do that?
  8. Hello ! Nice to meet you ! Thanks a lot for the links, it remembers me of such amazing moments !! See you around
  9. Thanks to all of you for the warm welcoming ! ?
  10. Nice to meet you ! Thanks for all the links!? Stasera Casa Mika is such a great show! I watched it in Italian but rediscovering it with French subtitles will be fantastic ! What an incredible work from the team !
  11. Hello! My name is Audrey, I'm 17 and I come from a small village in the French countryside ( sorry if my English is not so good) I discovered Mika for 3 years at the Voice France.I heard about Mika when I was younger but never really get interested in knowing more about him. So when I heard that he would be coach in the Voice, I wasn't so convinced. But when I discovered him, I literally fell in love with his eccentric and generous personality, his attitude, his sincerity( and his so cutie French mistakes !). As I began to do some research about him, I got really moved by his music and just couldn't stop listening to him. So I started to watch a lot of videos and interviews about him and rapidly became a Mikaddict! I had the chance to watch him perform live last year in Strasbourg where he definitely brought me in his world. It took me one week to come back to earth? Am I the only one to feel like this after mika's gigs ?? I've heard about the MFC a lot before and admired the projects but discovered the website only 2days ago ( yeah..shame on me..?) I'm pretty shy but really wanted to share new things with you so that I decided to subscribe. As I'm trying to discover the website, is there any actuality or other info not to be missed? Can't wait to discover more about this website and to discuss with you ! ( Now I realize that my message is very long... But there's so much to say! Hope you had the courage to read until the end and that you are not too bored ?)