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  1. Yeah, that's why I chose this gif: I hoped that someone of us could make it . I appreciated the subtitles too, even if I tried to find out on my YT settings if it was something I did on my YT account. I discovered on the guide that it's a channel option . I tried and tried to do some screenshots without subtitles , poor thing!
  2. I love more his outfits than the video itself, but ok, I love it, for me it's YES!! Now we need a new MIsKAting emoj, don't you think? Skating Bana na na naaaaaaa
  3. I'm in for London! If we're deciding if it's better to have a meal together, or pub drinks and finger foods/snacks/chips, things like that, I vote for this second solution, it would be simple for people joining last minute!
  4. So curious about this video, I adore the song, not my fav music, but I like the lyrics and the arrangement. See you here after 7pm
  5. Hi everybody, I have a couple of spare tickets: - Berlin, April 2nd - Geneva, March 28th, seated place 1x PLACE ASSISE (CAT 1) Block: BLE - Bloc E Reihe: B, Plätze: 57 If anyone is interested, pls DM me. YO!
  6. I’ve just posted on AC thread, too, I don’t know if someone was looking at Jane Birkin songs like I did.
  7. I made a screenshot of this when I saw the video the first time, with the intention to warn my Mika friends the specific day when I .... Kinda DO NOT DISTURB, it's TODAY!!! Don't laugh if you will see that on my FB cover
  8. yeah: the first time I listened to it, I thought it was a BBB more explicit. "Quoi qu'ils en pensent des cons - équences" (I heard the word "conséquences" sung separately: des cons in French means "some a--holes", but maybe it was only me ). In BBB the same concept was in "et tous les bourgeois du 16e se demandent pourquoi je t'aime".
  9. I quote, since the first listening. The very first day I wrote here that I would write more about this touching Calypso. You wrote exactly what I felt after the very first time I listened to AC: erotic poetry. Not because I had in my eyes the two, "sa bouche, son dos", but "ma peau, ta peau, le ciel à flot", singing it in that way, maybe with eyes shut, it's a very sensual image, and pure love at the same time.
  10. Totally quote!! I saw here the shy little Mika, feeling all eyes on his bow ties, here in "Si mes bras se balancent, tu te moques et tu ris", those laughs who make you want to disappear ("Souvent en m'effaçant, peu importe où je suis"). And the aspiration to forget those fears. It would be more interesting if he would refer to self love , but maybe we will know better next months. Anyway, after two days and a half, I can say: I love it. The Kylie Minogue la la la, the first notes reminding of CLV, but with the sound of Jane Birkin songs, I imagine how we all will dance since the pre refrain, hands up, and closed eyes, dancing how he wants us to dance, without shame. And now I will go and listen the acoustic version, I am sure I will .
  11. Looping in my car, I will write down later about this touching calypso
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