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  1. Here in Edmonton, Canada winter lasts wayyy too long, but lately we've been blessed with some beautiful sunshine so I've been blasting Ice Cream on repeat! 🍦 My roommate and neighbours have also been listening to lots of Mika (against their will, but they'll come around eventually). I think I started listening to Mika some time around 2012. I loved Grace Kelly, Elle Me Dit, and his other biggest hits but never really dived into his albums until 2017. That's when I realized every song on every one of his albums is a masterpiece. Everything he touches turns to gold, and it's a shame he's not more well known in North America or I may have discovered him much earlier. At any rate, in 2017 I started learning his songs (I'm a singer and pianist) and gained an even bigger appreciation for his work. His melodies, harmonies, vocal clarity, and vocal range are probably unmatched in pop music today. He's famous for his high falsettos of course, but it's impressive how beautiful his voice is in the lower register as well. When I learned Ordinary Man, I was surprised to find he hits an A2, which is really low for a tenor! I ended up having to raise the key, which I never thought I'd have to do for a Mika song. Anyways, I'm hoping this freaking pandemic gets under control soon so Mika can get back to playing shows. My biggest dream is to see him live some day, even if I have to fly to the other side of the country. Until then, I'll keep his latest album on repeat and keep learning more of his songs. Peace and love to all of you around the world! 💖