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Argentina... present!


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Hi again! Tired of studying the theory of communication and blah blah blah, I'll post something here... just to pass the time... (I just can't focus on my study! :bleh: )

I used to use Internet just as a tool of getting information, maybe chatting, but I never thought that I would be writing daily in a forum... I still can't understand how I ended up here :blink:

As I can't understand that, I neither can understand why have I registered in a fan club... I've always thought that I would never be a "fan of", maybe because I think that being in the place of a fan would just enlarge the distance between you and the person who you admire... But, anyway, here I am, reduced to the most absurd way of admiring someone... (maybe I had actually became a real fan...Who knows...:blink: )

Well, now I'm going back to my papers and try to concentrate and study...


And again... please forgive my mistakes in writing...hope I'd been understandable enough... :bleh:


PS: Now that the Old World is yours... why not trying to conquer the New World? Argentina is waiting for Mika sounds! .:groupwave:




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