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The deal is i've meant to make a portrait of mika for a while now, but i could never find the time

now that i've come back from holiday i finally have the chance, but because i've been away for weeks, i've missed out on a lot of great pics, so i was wondering if you could help me out in picking out a pic to start from, one that you believe best captures the essence of mika, and would make a nice portrait:) pretty please with sugar lumps on top?:biggrin2:

a big thank you in advance:flowers2:

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in my oppinion i think my avatar captures mika's personality. but it's from the side so i dont know.....:biggrin2::mf_rosetinted:


well who knows? i'll take all your suggestions into consideration of course:biggrin2:

do you happen to have the full pic?

it used to be easy to find a certain mika pic, but now there are thousands and thousands and it would be really hard to find

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