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    My junk is you!

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    I have none, unless you count ductaping and stalking as an occupation

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  1. Hey how you doing? Long time no see :(

  2. lmfao, yeah they took me to bo burnham (from massachusetts as well) a month ago, im still high off of that

  3. Haha. Oh well I don't think I have any charm. At least not if I want a lecture about how I don't appreciate anything I get and how I should be happy I get to see Rent and Mika will come again and blah blah. haha

  4. Poor baby :naughty:


    I used my charm on the 'rents, it worked :glasses3:

  5. That's awesome! Unfortunately since Mika is coming to Boston In October I dunno I I will get to see him because my Xmas gift is already tickets to see Rent again. :-( But hopefully he will come again soon so I can see him again! I haven't seen him since Feb '08!

  6. nothing just about to go to MIKAS GIG IN OCTOBER.



  7. I am amazing thank you. Whats happening? Hahahaha. fancypants.

  8. WHOA.

    hey there fancypants.

    I'm good and you?

  9. Hey how are you?

  10. Sizes ARE tricky lol. I am guessing he is pretty big....haha

  11. I know! But we dont have his size:naughty:

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