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mika's funky flamingo's!


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kay well does anyone here like to make things out of ducttape????well i do! funky flamingo's is a bright pink color of duct tape! any1 here as obsessed w/ ductape as me?well list the things you have made of duct tape...let's all be funky together!


1.a dress




mika's funky flamingo's

#1 phunkygal!

#2 glowstick

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okay no one wants to join us fine! funky fmaingos are awesome!any1 want direstions to make a ductape handbag....too bad! here they are!


1.gather materials(duct tape,zip lock freezer bag,scissors.)

2.cover one side of your bag with duct tape(make sure not to cover the opening)

3.cover the other side,again not covering the opening

4.take two strips of duct tape(however long you want your handels to be)and press together.repeat this step so you have two handels.this can be tricky.dont get discouraged!duct tape is sticky!


5.tape handels to the side of the ziplock bag(making sure the two are the same lenth.)

there you have a duct tape bag!now that was easy!:biggrin2::wink2:

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