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The Big Apple...MIKA & ME!


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Finally, I am going to see New York city! I'm so excited and this thread really is "pointlessly delicious!" I have to visit the NYU campus anyway, to check out whether or not I want to attend next year... so I figured, why not go around Mika's Good Morning America appearance. Right now, it is 99.99% official... I'm going to NYC! Hope to see a lot of you there... and I do hope to meet up with mika after the gig again :)To celebrate, I thought I would share with you SOME OF what I wrote to him in my relax letter...it's very "Bonjour" lol


"It was amazing uniting with all of the fans in that first moment: the moment you made your grand entrance into the city. You walked on stage and the feeling that enveloped my senses was like nothing I have ever felt before. There I was, in the middle of everything, just trying to memorize you. Every smile, every crinkle of your nose was meant for my memory. "


This part of my letter I KNOW many of you can relate to :bleh:

I used to ask myself for fun sometimes, “I wonder where Mika is at this very moment.†Well for a minute suspended in time, only you and I existed…the moment belonged to us. Someone somewhere was thinking of you and I had the privilege of being the one to share a stitch in time with my hero. You’ll NEVER know how much that meant to me…being in your presence.




Mika, I'm looking forward to seeing you in New York and I am glad that I chose such a wonderful person to call my hero. It is a rare gift to be able to share a stitch in time with the person you idolize... I'm very lucky to have such a humble and accesible hero... Thanks for all you have given me


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