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hello :)


what r u trying to do? u just made a new thread... saying you are dumb ;)


but im sure ull get it soon.... its not so hard just need to get used to...




she is inviting everyone to her blog !! lets go and have a peep

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Umm i really dont know what to do or say to put on blogs


can anyone help me? i dont even really know what im doing now IM SO DUMB!


First of all, WELCOME.:biggrin2:


Is this your first time on a forum and you're unsure how to join and post or are you inviting us to your blog?


The FAQs at the top might be a start.

You may also want to introduce yourself here:


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ahahah! The despair of your first thread! You can talk about what you want respectfully (does this word exist?)... There are only friends here! This is the place to be :mf_rosetinted: !!

You would surely have some interesting comments, answers, photos on your forum. You should read others threads so as to see how a subject could be driven!!


As you see, even with my english, I have managed to write some cool (I hope they were cool) threads!!:glasses3:



In fact (now I'm thinking about it) did you vote for the MFC AWARDS?

It's like that you can take some people in your thread!!:lmao:.

No cutthroat competition here between us!:roftl: :roftl:


And :welcomeani:!!!

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