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BISHI is amazing--you should all get her album.


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Those of you who are fans of Patrick Wolf as well as Mika may already have heard of her when she opened for him on his last tour, but those of you who haven't really should.


Bishi is an amazing glampop/synthfunk/psychfolk/disco-instrumental Bengali-British artist. Her music is at once danceable and mystically entrancing. She's recently released her first album, called "Nights at the Circus" which everyone ought to get. You can listen to the whole thing streamed on her website:



As well as checking her out on Myspace:









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:woot_jump: THANX for the info!!!

Gosh I love her mixed genres sound!!!!

I was so waiting for the new album to be released!!

...hmm...hope to find it in my country coz I dunno If I can order "Night At The Circus" from those sites outside the UK:blink:


edit: just bought from itunes ^___^

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