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Anyone with English/History knowledge, please help me...


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I've started my coursework on Macbeth for English, and for the opening paragraph (which I kinda white-lied and told my teacher I'd done...) I have to say what life was like in 17th Century, when the play was written. I don't need a full on essay (which is what I keep finding on the internet, and to be honest, I cannot be bothered to read through all the mumbo-jumbo) but I can't live with 'times were difficult for the poor.' I seriously need help with this, and anyone who can give either information or a website which is simple, it would be greatly appreciated.


(Oh, and sorry for making a thread on it, but I'm desparate:blush-anim-cl: )

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You can talk about the idea of the audience believing in witchcraft and superstition more at the time.. So the wicthes' claims would've been more believable.. and Mcbeth's madness would've been linked to astrology.. And about the fact that Shakespeare's plays kind of addressed both the poor and the rich so he had to include things which would've touched the lives of both (hence the presence of a king but also of witches).. you can talk about social climbing and heirarchy at the time and the difference between what the king meant back then and now (so mcbeth's killing the king would've eben more shocking because he was thought of as powerful and related to God, and speak about how much mroe important and valuable it would've been to a character like mcbeth to become king because it would've given him more authority)..


i don't noe maybe try http://www.sparknotes.com hehe it's pretty useful..

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If memory serves me, Macbeth was written in the early part of the 17th century, so keep that in mind when writing your assignment. Society in, say, 1692 wouldn't have been nearly as relevant to a play written over fifty years prior.


I think the themes regarding society's take on witchcraft would serve you well. Wikipedia has some info about witchcraft in Scotland during that time:




(Of course, being Wikipedia, cross-check any facts you include against another source to verify accuracy). :thumb_yello:


Good luck!

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