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How do we find out what's on the music channels?

Marilyn Mastin

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I just wanted to ask this, because I get really frustrated. There are several music channels...


MTV, VH1, The Music Factory, Channel E. There may even be more, but I have never been able to find a publication which lists their programes on a daily basis.

This means we could miss Mika, and probably have done.

I have looked in all the usual TV Guides, and even wrote to my regular guide, Total TV Guide, to ask why the music channels arn't listed like the other channels. I was told it's because the music channels don't get the ratings! But of course, they won't, if no one knows what's on.

I'm sick of looking on the music channels on spec, to see if Mika is on. If we knew he was on, we could plan accordingly. So, does anyone know of a publication which lists the programes on these channels?

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