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I NEED PICTURES PLEASE:The Midway State on tour with Mika


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Hey everyone! Well, I've put together a book for the midway state and it's just about complete... I thought it would be nice to add as many pictures as possible, so if you can post anything that you took of them during their time with mika stating where and when it was taken that would be greatly appreciated...full credit will be given as a caption *NOT ALL PICTURES CAN BE USED, BUT WE WILL TRY OUT BEST TO INCOORPERATE AS MANY AS POSSIBLE... IT DEPENDS ON THE QUALITY OF THE PHOTO*


Thanks in advance!

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The book is now 40 pages:punk: and growing:mf_lustslow:


WOW!!!! That is awesome!!!! I REALLY want one!!!! I hope they will let US order a copy for ourselves!!!!!!! :punk:

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