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Six Degrees of Separation from MIKA

Marilyn Mastin

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Hi everyone.


There's a school of thought which says that every one of us is only six steps away from every other person on the planet. So I thought it might be good to see if we can each link ourselves to MIKA in six steps. Here is my contribution


First step:

Marilyn Mastin (used to be Marilyn Bradshaw) I grew up with a reasonable singing voice, so I took lessons from an Opera singer (just like Mr M)


2nd step:

My teacher, Mrs Townson, advised me to do some concerts, so I began to do what she advised.


3rd step:

At one concert, I sang Don't Cry foe Me Argentina, which was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.


4th step:

Andrew Lloyd Webber also wrote 'Phantom of the Opera'.


5th step:

Phantom of the Opera is set in Paris.


6th step:

Paris is the city where Mika lived until he was nine years old, and it is the city where he's just performed his triumphant stadium gig!


Okay, so can you link yourself to the awesome one, in six steps? :thumb_yello:

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