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Senior Year and College


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Being a senior in high school is so stressful now, on the first day of school everyone is pressuring you about applying to college, SAT, ACT and asking where you want to go.


I just thought I would start this thread so everyone who is a Senior or is applying to college can get the stress out and talk about where they want to go, and tell us when they get an acceptation letter.


So feel free and the let the stress out:wink2:

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I'm a senior this year..it's stressful right now :hair:


I still have no idea where I'm going to apply to college or what I want to major in or anything.


I took the SAT and ACT when I was a junior. I did pretty bad on the SAT but I did ok on the ACT..the ACT was a lot easier to most people I've talked to. I don't think I'm going to take either of them again this year :)

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