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  1. Happy Birthday



  2. Welcome to MFC!!! His smile is amazing isn't it
  3. What a great idea! I wish I could attend:sad:' Hopefully he will come to the US soon!
  4. He needs to come to Florida, its been since July 2007 since he has been back here:shocked:!!! More like all the south states:naughty:
  5. Thank you!! I used to be the US Rep, but school, life and work got in the way:naughty: You're doing a great job representing!!
  6. Thank you everybody for welcoming me back with open arms!!!
  7. It feels good to be back! I won't be on as much as I used too, but I will be on more often than I have been! Hello to old and new friends!
  8. :bye: honey :huglove:

    We miss you and musicfreak :blush-anim-cl:

    I tried to bump M's jacket thread but I realised today that was already two years since he did his acoustic tour to the USA... :shocked:

    Did he ever get the jacket is what I"d love to know...

    I hope you guys show up again when his next album comes out :wink2:

    Mika became an uncle yesterday as Paloma gave birth to a baby boy :wub2:

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