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'Let us work together to create a world in which the basic rights of all individuals are respected and our own children can live in a safe environment. Are the children our future? No, they are not. They are our present. Human trafficking has no place in our world today.”


Ricky Martin, President & Founder





To effectively pursue his humanitarian principles, the Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF and five time Grammy Winner, established the Ricky Martin Foundation in Puerto Rico, to advocate for the welfare of children around the world. From the outset, Martin and his staff decided to support programs that enhance the well- being of children. As facilitators and strong believers in partnerships with international organizations, the private sector, local non-profits, and individuals the Ricky Martin Foundation continues to evolve. Our voice in alliance with other sectors is committed to defend the most fragile population against modern forms of slavery and to provide them a safer world through wellness initiatives.

To further uphold our principle of social justice, in 2004 the Foundation launched People for Children, a global initiative to educate, denunciate, and support the international framework for the elimination of human trafficking, especially minors. This unscrupulous market annually generates $10 billion dollars, and it's only preceded by the trafficking of drugs and arms. UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children are victims of this global nightmare every year.

We welcome you to join our fight as an advocate of children’s rights.

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