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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - my night with the cast!


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Are there any people here that are familiar with the show Mystery Science Theater 3000? It has been off the air for 10 years now, but I would hope there are at least a few people here that know what it is.


Well, for those of you that don't know this show....the whole point was that the stars of the show (Mike Nelson and two little robots, Crow and Tom Servo) would watch really horrible movies and make funny comments about them.


I'll just share an example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngBNklagsHQ


Don't you love it? :)


Well, anyway, I was able to meet the original cast of the show over the weekend! It was such a great night!


Here's my myspace blog about it.... :)


Yesterday my sister and I visited one of our dearest friends, Leann, in St. Louis. We all decided a while ago that we would go see "Cinematic Titanic," which is the live performance of the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000!


Let me just tell you that this has been my favorite TV show since I saw it 12 years ago. I love the cast of the show...they are so funny and original... and really having watched the show for this long it's almost always felt like they were my friends.



So anyway, we went to the show...and as we walked in and got our tickets I noticed a bunch of chairs behind the merchandise table that all said "Reserved" on them. I wondered who they were reserved for and as we moved closer I saw that it had all of the cast's names on them! All of us were so excited after discovering that! We all bought something for them to sign and then went to our seats. The show was hilarious....seeing it live was definitely a different experience and I couldn't believe I was actually watching them live!


As the movie ended they all thanked us for coming and asked us to come by and see them afterwards. Caroline and I took off downstairs to get a good spot in line. We ended up being third or fourth in line, which was awesome.



They came in maybe 5-7 minutes later. It was Mary Jo (Pearl), Frank, J. Elvis (original Tom Servo), Trace (original Crow), and Joel. As I met Mary Jo I told her that I didn't recognize her without her make-up and she said "That's a good thing, right??" and we laughed. :-) I told all of them that I enjoyed the show so much and that I adore MST. As I met Joel, who is the creator of MST, I asked him if I could shake his hand and he gave a sweet smile and said "Sure!" We shook hands and I told him that it was an absolute pleasure to meet him. I thanked him for such a fun evening.



It feels so weird, to have met people that I have admired for many years now. They've given me countless hours of amusement and I love them for what they've created.

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