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PDP peice and PDP people, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!


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I can't have it because granddad's being a pest!

I was his slave for a day a week before father's day and he said he'd get me the Katie Melua album and I said I'd rather order the PDP DVD and he said he would do that then and then he didn't.

Then I said when are you planning to do that?

Last night he said "I'll see what we can do, we'll get it for you and pre order it and that"

Then this morning he said:

"If you study hard and get good grades in your exams, you can have your DVD."

I said "I won't put up with this! You owe me for being your slave and you've agreed to let me be your slave next weekend and that's a joint worth of at least $30 and I thought you might honour that."

I wouldn't mind, it's just that he said that he would and then he says no, then he says yes then he BLACKMAILS ME!

Or he tried to anyway. He said if I teach him science for the week then he'll order it for me next weekend.


Do you know why it takes so long?

I ordered from Amazon UK and I got LICM incl Erase (I now have 2 copies) within the week.


Can't waaaait!!! :P

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