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  1. It must have been included in the album sometime this year. He said to me on twitter he wasn't working on this album. I'm relieve to hear Greg worked on at least one of the songs. I feel reassured too Are there words? I can't hear it just now as I'm at school and I won't be able to at home as I'm the last person on earth with stupid fossilised dialup
  2. I remember it was something about playing with the plastic doll (I think because of the WAX STATUE) I don't have naughty Mika dreams
  3. Nat is teasing me because I am fangurling over Neo and I do so every time I get replied by him or get a "Like" on facebook. Bailey calls him my "New Mika" and I tell her to STFU OMG I love LOVE underground SO MUCH!
  4. Ok my Mika gland has been in overdrive this last week: 1) backstage at X Factor, Mika was a guest and I met him backstage and spoke to him in French and he said in English "You have a beautiful French accent" and I was like "fangurl: I often get told I have a good accent and a French girl once said I had to be careful IN France because people might actually think I spoke French and speak normally and I would get really confused 2: I went to a Mika gig and stood in the front of the crowd and he was incredible. Then I was a t the M&G but I didn't meet him. Then it was a month later (time is weird in dreams) and I didn't suffer from PMD but I was still on a high from how AMAZING the show was! I am so scared that when I see him I will get PMD! 3: I can't remember. I just KNOW I dreamt of him last night and the night before. You know when you know WHAT you dreamed about but not what HAPPENED
  5. Aaaaw that's so sweet!
  6. Nique I am, I think like you if I remember from last year, the same level as you. Sixth form. I RULE at unfamiliar bevause I'm a good analyst and I don't have to remember quotes. Who thinks I should enter that NZ singing ccontest show and sing PUOTF for my audition???
  7. This thread is making me fall in love with him all over again
  8. What did I do before Mika? I used to get up every morning and dread leaving my room and leaving my house. I wanted to be an animal handler and there were really mean rumours spread about me at school. I sang pop ballads and read total girl and disney girl and dressed in the same clothes as all the other girls but no matter what I did, there was always something that made me weird from everyone else and I became reclusive and depressive. I watched animal planet all the time and wished I was pretty. Nowdays are a completely different story: I get up in the morning and go to school with little emotion and a tough skin. Since Mika, everyone spreads even nastier rumours about me but I think it makes me important because why else would they waste their time? They sai that Mika is gay so because I love him, I must be a lesbian. And I laugh because I see how rediculous it is. I embrace my weirdness and dress and act weird and I have FRIENDS because people admire my confidence and style. Also because I can't be an animal handler (thanks teachers, for not telling me this earler, I don't mind having wasted time at ALL *sarcasm*) because I am legally blind, I want to be a singer and I sing 80's synth pop songs. I'm fun and smiley and I do things and go out more than I used to (but still have less of a social life due to Mika )
  9. LOL shuddup, I do health because I'm so good at it that all i do is argue with my classmates and then get told I am the correct one and then I draw cartoons of my friends dying in really funny ways I pass all of everything and I do bugger all so there EDIT Am I the only one who loves and prefers to join in about the fangurling here? I understand where you're coming from but I release my Mikasessiveness in smaller bursts so I don't get bothered by fangurling so much. I love it actually, it always worms my heart to see people so much effected by someone who effects me. Also when they start to argue (and I don't see much of it) sometimes it's actually quite amusing to see what people come up with
  10. How's the exams going girls? I had Art History last monday. Think I passed. I had English last tues which I think I passed for unfamiliar texts (which I got excellence for in the mocks) and defo failed the novel study. Obviously because catcher in the rye is a peice of shiRt and I never finished it because I wanted to punch Holden Caulfield in the face the whole time and I put that paper to the side during the exam and refused to do it Drama yesterday, I think I might have just got by and French this morning which was a total nightmare! Health next week. Screw my life, I hate health
  11. Hey!

    Are you Angelique by chance?

  12. OMG I loooooove Neo! I hated him at first because I thought "Too like Mika and FAILING!" But I looked him up to show my friend how annoying and fakeMika he was and I was like "Oh actually, after a year of not thinking about him, I really do like his music... And he seems lovely in interviews so..." And he IS lovely! He replied me on facebook and his music doesn't athe saddness that Mika's does. I love the beauty in M's sadhappy music of course but Neo's just fine too So yeah. But does anyone know where I can buy his album from that sends to New Zealand by chance? Like the physical copy, not a downloadable one. Tak
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