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life path number, western and chinese astrology etc..


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I was wondering if there is anyone else here fascinated by stuff like numerology, chinese & western astrology & stuff like that & do you know of any cool sites?


I was on msn & found out my life path number is 11 & so is Mika's & also the man I loved who broke my heart last year is an 11 too!!! and the guy who broke my heart & mika are 2 people i feel strangely drawn to :blink: strange or what?? ( i wonder if it's due to them both being 11's making them similar in personality to me? that draws me to them:blink:)


also my 1st love & my 2nd love & also Mika are all born under the chinese sign of the pig:blink: It seem i have a certain type lol



anyhow for those interested this is what it says about those with 11 as a lifepath number & there's a link to find out yours too


If your Life-Path number is ELEVEN, yours is a Master Vibration number associated with spiritual awareness. Master Vibration people tend to possess an understanding and knowledge beyond others. As an ELEVEN, you are thought of as being on a higher spiritual plane.


ELEVENS tend to be very interesting people with much to offer those around them. They are intuitive, avant-garde, idealistic and cultured – extremely so. They are the visionaries. It’s common to find an ELEVEN looking for understanding in life’s mysteries. Their interests will be many. Socially, connections with others are highly developed. ELEVENS bring much to the topic of conversation and are excellent listeners.


An ELEVEN will expect much from themselves and from others. At times this can make them difficult to deal with. It’s common for this Life-Path to have a lot of nervous tension. There can be mood swings and challenges with focus on ambition. At times actions can be impractical, as an ELEVEN is more of a dreamer than a doer. Key words/qualities associated with an ELEVEN Life-Path are higher spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealistic and a dreamer.


The life purpose for an ELEVEN is to utilize innate skills of counseling and guidance. While you may not be a leader, much talent can show through in this area. Finding ways to release nervous energy such as sports and exercise can bring much relief during difficult times.


here's the link to find out your number:thumb_yello:



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