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Vote for the albums of the year!


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I just received this email and I thought that this would surely be a good idea to show the world what an obsessed online-forum can achieve.


So - go and vote for The Kooks! - ehm, Mika, I mean.


(edit: I just noticed that LiCM was released LAST year. So go and vote for the Kooks then :cheerful_h4h:)



The Peoples Democracy of Recordstore



Vote For Your Albums Of The Year


The first Recordstore Albums Of The Year Poll is nearly over so if you want to make your vote count then we suggest you get those thinking caps on and start making those lists pretty sharpish. So far the votes have been pretty interesting with early favourites emerging in the form of MGMT, Fleet Foxes and Kings Of Leon.


So you think Oasis should be an early frontrunner? Think The Tings Tings have easily made the album of the year? Well what you waiting for? Get your votes in today.


To make your votes count click on the link here and enter your top 10 albums of 2008 (plus, just for fun, the 3 albums of 2008 you absolutely loathe) with a reason why each album is included. All votes need to be sent by Sunday 30th November 2008.


Here is the link:





Now go for it :cheerful_h4h:.

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*goes to vote for the kooks*


Maybe Mika should release something new :fisch:

I come to the conclusion that this year was a bad year for good releases :sneaky2:. Apart from Konk of course. This one stands out :cheerful_h4h:. I'm obsessed. It's a good thing I think :cheerful_h4h:.

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