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Emily B

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I thought it would be a good idea for lots of peepz tell about themselves (new or not) and if you see someone you like the sound of you can chat with them or whatever.

racinghorse83 had a good idea of pen pals.


I'm a Kiwi :naughty: and like horses, MIKA, Muse, shopping, singing and California.

I'm 15 years old and am hoping to be a model :cool::mf_rosetinted: if there is another season of New Zealands Next Top Model. Then I can live in California and stalk MIKA :wub2: LMFAO


My teachers at school always said that important words have a capital so I do all the letters in MIKA capitals lol

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Good idea!


I'm E.J (short for my ridiculously long name Eliza-Jane)

I'm 16, turning 17

I live in North Queensland, Australia

I like horses, music (esp. Mika), the internet and words.

I'm Autistic and proud.

My best friend is an 8yo horse named Bonza, who is an absolute brat, but I still love him. :wub2:

My favourite words are monotonous, instantaneously and rendezvous

I'm currently producing my first feature film entitled 'Bonza, The Musical' in order to prove to the majority of my teachers that I actually would do it. :naughty:

I'm in yr 12 this year, but really don't want to leave school

And I'm likely to randomly begin singing 'The Bonza Song'


And that's about it! =]

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