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  1. Nique - Xx...Whoever said anything was possible obviously never tried slamming a revolving door...xX ...... Chuck Norris can
  2. all the people I know mock him and stuff so I just kinda sit there and go uha uha uha but I know they only put his music on to mock because they secretly like it and its a way of listening to it without being teased for it. And these are guys. I noticed that they all seem to know all the lyrics so they must listen to it with nobody around as well....I of course am still the only one who can hit the high notes : ) lol There voices crack trying to. rofl
  3. Awsome It'll be good to meet u : D so far theres a few pepz frm wrk coming as well.
  4. Hey I'm going to be staying at our batch in Taupo from the 2nd - 12th january. (with no adults ) and anyone who lives in the area or is going that way is welcome to come hang with me cos im dying to meet you guys. And I only just realised that oter than myself i only invited 2 other girls lol
  5. Ha Ha sounds like you got a pretty cool dad. Most would be like " Certainly not!! U shouldn't associate with people like that!" lol
  6. OMG ROFLMFAO I cant beleive nobody on here has noticed that before.. What did he say bowt the paint and boobs?
  7. If Mika was reading this thread he'd probly be pretty keen to come lol
  8. Thats cool We could do crazy stuff with our hair and paint exposed skin to match or clothes which could look really awsome and would be much easier lol
  9. " Is spookers like Amazing maze in maze (which is no longer in marten) I have more funny stories about the maze in maze than scary ones! I fell face first in mud and the character goes "swimmmmm" ROFLCOPTER I can so imagine having so much fun in there! but what exactly is spookers? " Google it. Spookers is at the old Kingseat mental hospital. It has the Haunted House, Freaky Forest, Corn Evil, Clostrophobia and 3D Vortex. It is R16 tho (except creepers which is thursdays) . Theres a lot of actors working there (some verry yummy ones too) and we scare people : D. I'm kinda suprised how keen everyone is on the Spookers idea lol " Yeah, stickers over boobs like pasties? Like what burlesque dancers use. We know how Mika likes boobs and burlesque! " yeah anyone ok with it could do the body paint and stickes (perhaps only the over 16 yr olds tho cos we don't wanna earn him a title of pedophyle lol) and others could wear realy bright clothes that are low cut. Im keen : D I can paint as well. And im rather shameless : P
  10. The other thing is that the beauty of body paint is that we could paint some real detail and wouldn't even need to wear bras!! We could paint our entire torsos and if we had to we could use Headlamp covers or stickers to cover "things" up lol Id be willing to even do crazy stuff with paint in my hair... In fact my hair still has pink in it from when I put red paint all through it at work : D
  11. OMG I can do That !!! I was blessed with 6 D's !!! And I aint afraid ta use em " Hey! That is SO cool! What do you do at Spookers? I'd love to do something like that - But I am scared easily anyways because I've seen what mental hospitals are really like but I'd feel safe with Mika so I think I'd have to play it up a fair bit! " I get ta scare people lol I recently ordered a full black body suit for work .The only holes in it are for eyes and mouth. And theres some real guy candies who work there ....And a bunch of iwoks and wookies..... Don't ask lol
  12. *is imagining pretending to be scared to hold his hand* And BTW U wouldn't need ta pretend : P I would make sure of that lol. (In case you havn't guessed I'm an actress at spookers : D)
  13. " Yeah, BDO maybe but Parachute is a religious thing isn't it? " Yeah Parachutes religouse but hardly anyone who goes actually is lol In fact some of the biggest freaks are found at parachute. A while back me and some friends went round at 3am singing love today rofl got a few funny looks. And apparently last year somebody took 3 rubbish bags full of weed! OMG that is a lot it seems only to be run by Christians. BTW....I can get free Spookers passes : D
  14. could put together a list of exciting and very kiwi attractions that he might enjoy so he'll start to realy wanna come It would be awsome as if he would go through spookers as well cos then I could trap him in a dark room with me... or clostrophobia... OOH or the with hut! : P ROFL And if we knew when then anyone else could go through the attractions at the same time just by "coincidence". I must say tho that it is the wierd and colorful sort of place that would catch his attention. And full of freaks lol (*cough_iwoks_cough*) He would love the #D vortex : black lights & fluero decos trippy effects (moving fluero dots) black & white checkered strobe room a bridge that feels like its tipping you upside down Very cool Theres hot water creeks round Rotorua that not many people know abowt Trout fishing at taupo huka falls jets in Taupo Bungy jumping in Taupo Jousting tournaments in Taupo leuge in Rotorua theres a realy cool place to explore underground caves near pukekawa I think they were the Nikau Caves? Wearable art shows and museums in wellington parachute music festival in Hamilton Snow sports on Ruapehu Obviously I spend a lot of time around Taupo lol But If we all put together a list of all the main, exciting attractions we know and send it to him of then he might start to realy itch to come check them owt.
  15. I thought it would be cool to start a thread where people post pics of any clothes that are bright or loud (worthy of Mika) that they have (male or female). I would start off but I cant get my pic uploaded lol so i'll just wait and see if someone else will start off:biggrin2:
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