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the Mika High-Street Thread!!!!!! :D


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Yes, as thetitle says, we now have a mika 'high street', complete with swapshop, Mika-mart and the market!


i am in charge of sales and money** etc, so if there is something to be sold*, pm me the item with a rrp, a sale price and the category!





*sale items include...

  • juicy new pics/vids
  • signatures/avatars
  • gossip
  • news
  • 'pretend' items***
  • etc...

**MFC Banking system!


as a friendly banker, everyone has 50mika-blips in their account- thats alot!


1 mika-blip = 3 pounds!


i keep a record of your mika-blips, butyou should too, so you know when you need to top up!****



***remember this is for fun! you can 'buy' signatures etc but you cant actually send someone a shirtetc, its pretend!

also, when gossipis sold, it mustNOT be about other members of the mfc etc!!!! items stay onsale in their original place for a week, then they are moved to the mika-mart, where they atay untilbrought


****to top up, send me a visitor message with the amount you want to top up with, to top up, you must have broght at least 2 items first and you cant top up over 200mika-blips.


to buy, pm me that you want that item and you can have it!


to become a member, pm me and i will add you to the list below!



1# MIKAmadRosie1996- 50 mika-blips


you can chat in the cafe(post in the thread) aswell!




(insteadof gaining mika-blips, you swap something)







(the sale/last minute collection)






(deals! buy one get one free etc)






the tate mika

(pics, avatars, signatures etc of mika)


shoe picure, rrp- 10 mika-blips, 2dayupay 7mika-blips!



imika store

(mp3s, videos, music etc)





gift shop

(vouchers, deals, etc)


-stock no.= 5 vouchers

vouchers hold 15 mika-blips

sale price= 10mika-blips

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