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  1. "Actor Dennis Hopper — star of "Easy Rider," "Blue Velvet," "Giant" and many other films — died Saturday of prostate cancer at his Los Angeles-area home, according to The Assiciated Press. He was 74" - http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1640409/20100529/story.jhtml R.I.P Dennis Hopper
  2. im a scary gargoyle on a tower, that you made with plastic power, your rhinesone eyes are like, factories far away. -rhinestone eyes, gorillaz up on melancholy hill theres a plastic tree, are you here with me? just looking out on the day, of another dream, cos you are my medicene, when your close to me -on melancholy hill, gorillaz
  3. mines a large and i waer size 12 in clothes, but i prefer massive tops - it has uk tour dates on it aswell
  4. hii :biggrin2:

    thanks for accepting :thumb_yello::biggrin2:

  5. hey! :bye: thanks for the friends request :original:

  6. out, but it depends what your talking about! q magazine or nme magazine?
  7. my name is bassmachine on nearly everything else so same here too
  8. --there is *most probably* a thread for this but i searched and it didnt come up, so sorry if im wasting anyones time -- so, i finally got an account on mikasounds today (btw i havent got a virus from it) and i thought id tell everyone who i was because my account name is different to what it is on here ....yeh so on mikasounds my account name is bassmachine ok?
  9. omg that came up on facebook! (the mikas wedding bit on nme) i was like mikas wedding......eh? congrats to them aswell
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