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    of course it was stuart!!

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  1. im a scary gargoyle on a tower, that you made with plastic power, your rhinesone eyes are like, factories far away. -rhinestone eyes, gorillaz up on melancholy hill theres a plastic tree, are you here with me? just looking out on the day, of another dream, cos you are my medicene, when your close to me -on melancholy hill, gorillaz
  2. hii :biggrin2:

    thanks for accepting :thumb_yello::biggrin2:

  3. hey! :bye: thanks for the friends request :original:

  4. out, but it depends what your talking about! q magazine or nme magazine?
  5. hey, thanks for the friend request :original:

  6. omg! it was absaloutly amazing!!! the set design was beautiful, such a brilliant idea! my dad videoed most of it so ill post it later. the worst thing about the night for me was the fact that i was dressed quite strangesly thinking everyone else would be i was wearing a black mika t-shirt, grey and black trousers, sparkly silver shoes, a blue hoodie for some of it and a grey pinstripe trilby hat - i was getting some funny looks lol We are golden was brilliant, that and touches you are probably my 2 favourite songs from last night!
  7. hi guys, just wondered if anyone has 2 or more tickets extra for 28th at the hammersmith apollo? if you do could you pm me? thanks
  8. my dad got me into depeche mode when i was really young, but it wasnt until sounds of the unierse came out that i really got into them (i especially like 'in chains' and 'wrong') and dad took me to see one of their gigs at the O2 back in december!
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