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Jens Lekman


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Ok, I really do not have to right to be starting this thread! I just found out about this guy, Jens Lekman, and frankly I think he's fantastic.



"Jens Martin Lekman is a Swedish indie pop musician residing in Melbourne, Australia."


The thing that really drew me into him are his LYRICS. They are hilarious! I just recently found him, of course, but a few of his songs had me on the floor laughing! Specifically "Postcard to Nina" and "I Am Leaving You Because I Don't Love You" and "The Opposite of Hallelujah". The lyrics are just very frank: "I took my sister down to the ocean/but the ocean made me feel stupid". :roftl:


I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of him! I don't know nearly anyone here who does, but I thought he might be more popular in foreign countries.


If you haven't heard of him, definitely look him up! You will laugh so hard!


Postcard to Nina (live):



The Opposite of Hallelujah:


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JL does fantabolous covers


A Little Lost {Arthur Russel}



Jens Lekman & Tracey Thorn - Yeah! Oh Yeah! {Magnetic Fields}


& dreamy songs


A Sweet Summer's night on Hammer Hill


"rarities" :teehee:



:wub2: Wow!


I had a dream that he had a book out last night. The lady in the store told me it was an excellent book, but I was broke so I tried to steal it. I think the dream happened because I want to buy the rest of his CD's but I don't have any money. :naughty:

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Mika tweeted about Jens!


Am really really liking the Wouter Hamel album. Thank you to one of my fans who gave this to me yesterday. It's kind of like Jens Lekman

about 6 hours ago from Tweetie


:wub2: Woah, had no idea Mika knew about Mr. Lekman!

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