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French Fans want Mika for France


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I found this little article.Yes Mika we want you :wub2:





OGAE survey and 3 men at the top

French fans want Mika for France!

For the second year in a row, Benjamin Lemerle-Goss, a member of the OGAE France, launched a survey some weeks ago, and asked French fans "who they would like to have as the national entrant" next year.

Such survey would have been totally useless, if not crazy, only two years ago, when the French were sure to have “another unknown name” as representative. Patricia Kaas’s involvement makes it possible to imagine other big names and a “big strategy” from France 3, as Bruno Berberes, French HoD, clearly told esctoday.com in an interview that another famous name would be sent to Eurovision for 2010. 60 members took part in the survey and the result was sent a few hours ago to all French fans.


Coming as a big surprise, a non-French artist places on first position: Mika (with a grandtotal of 76 points). Mika was born in Lebanon to a Lebanese mother and an American father. As a child, he spent nearly 10 years in France, hence his perfect use of French language. Back to the French survey, the artist coming second (with 64 points) is Emmanuel Moire, a singer who played the role of Louis XIV in the acclaimed musical Le Roi Soleil (The Sun King) in 2005 and 2006. Since then, the man released two solo albums, which sold quite well. On third position (with 59 points) comes Christophe Willem, who won the 2006 Nouvelle Star (French Pop Idol) and published two CD albums since then. The first one sold extremely well, due to prestigious collaborations. The song Double Je received the 2008 Victoire de la Musique de la meilleure chanson (French Grammy). Then come:


4th Chimène Badi

5th tied Najoua Bélyzel, Hélène Ségara, Anggun

8th Lara Fabian

9th David Guetta

10th Emma Shapplin

11th Miss Dominique

12th Natasha St.-Pier


Last year’s Top 5 was:


1st Chimène Badi

2nd Patricia Kaas

3rd Christophe Willem

4th Amel Bent

5th Stanislas



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