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  1. Most restaurant owners and 5 star hotels change their mind and love dogs all the sudden when they belong to a celebrity But yeah... taking a dog on tour is not the best idea ever. Might be stressful for the animal. Some dogs love travelling and seeing new people, others like the stability of their home. So maybe it'll love the touring life, maybe not. I just hope Mika gives up the idea of taking the dog with him if he sees it doesn't like it. Do you think he will pick up the doggy's **** himself, or will John have to follow them around with plastic gloves and bags to clean their mess?
  2. Welcome to MFC! Glad to hear you had a ball in Antwerp Als je vragen hebt kan je me 24/24 contacteren. Ik ben de MFC vertegenwoordigster voor België en een van de MFC moderators. Ik ben franstalig maar ik spreek ook wat Nederlands. Veel plezier op het forum!
  3. Before advertising anything, maybe we should discuss it, and let John know what our conclusions are about all this? I for one was very happy with the old system, and see no need for a change, since it obviously causes unnecessary drama. MFCers always queue early anyway, so even if 2-3 'outsiders' arrive early too, it doesn't make a huge difference for us. Whilst telling these 'outsiders' to step back behind 30 MFCers, like you said, has a big impact on them, and can lead to unpleasant queuing situations for everybody.
  4. I agree with Melody. And instead of fighting endlessly, I think it's time to think of solutions. Maybe one could be that the people in charge of the list can speak the language of the country + English, in case problems of this kind occur. Some sorts of gigs delegates, or whatever.
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    Happy Birthday! :yay:

  6. Doing your homework is far more important than being on the MFC. It teaches you how to work in an independent way and how to organize and divide your time between leisure and duty
  7. Dear Morecube, I'm sure you know there's a difference between written rules and common sense. When you borrow something from someone, I'm sure you've been taught, at some point, that it was normal and polite to say PLEASE and THANK YOU because if you don't, you'll just make yourself look like a rude and ungrateful person. If someone explicitely refuses to lend you something they own, and you just take it anyway, it's called theft. And if you don't understand people can be upset by your behaviour and take offence, and you call them stupid in return, I'm the one who doesn't understand what's going on anymore. Now let me correct a few things you said. 1) You don't always credit people on your forum. FACT 2) You use your forum's tag on videos which aren't yours in the first place, which is not just reproducing or distributing copyrighted material, but claiming copyright on something which isn't yours, which remains illegal even under YT conditions. FACT. 3) Noone can't come on MFC and start being rude or agressive towards a member, be it publicly or by PM. FACT. I hope this is clear. I also hope you will know deal with this issue in private or even better, that you won't be causing such issues in the future anymore. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  8. Nikki please pm me!!! I need to delete something !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Et celle-ci: Saperlipopette! Version canadienne: Tabernacle! --> Ca me fait toujours rire
  10. Sophie elle en dit qu'y a quelque chose de pourri au royaume de France. Y a un seul forum officiel, c'est le MFC, je ne vois pas de quel droit MF se déclarerait officiel... aux dernières nouvelles, Mika a dépensé ses sous pour nous acheter nous et non eux. Ensuite, étant donné le nombre de fois ou MF s'est servi de nos infos, a utilisé nos vidéos, ou a leaké des exclusivités MFC (trailer *cough* trailer) je trouve que c'est vraiment l'hôpital qui se fout de la charité. Sans parler du fait que tout cela est d'une petitesse et d'une mesquinerie à faire peur. Et si certain(e)s Frenchies ont un problème avec leur(s) représentant(es) sur le MFC, ils/elles n'ont qu'à contacter les mods, au lieu de s'envoyer des PMs, je commence à croire que le lancer de couteau dans le dos est un sport national dans l'hexagone. /rant over
  11. Look, I don't want to judge what's been going on in here, but this last sentence of you made me jump. This is a PUBLIC forum on the INTERNET. It is time for everyone to realize there's no or very little privacy on the internet. This is why one should always act responsible and be careful of what they post. And an IP adress isn't something private, from the moment you agree to join a forum, you have to accept that it will be seen by the admins. We didn't take control of the thread, the mod team just exercised their right of answer, which I think is fair. Keti, I'm sorry to hear this, it must be really hurtful. But it's in times like these you see who your real friends are. I'm sure you have many loyal friends here on MFC who will continue to post in this thread. Don't worry. x
  12. Lol, if they made tintin's adventures in chocolate, that would give reading a new dimension.
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