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Jack Johnson Thread!


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HI! I dont know about you guys, but i think Jack Johnson is amazing. If you have never heard of him, well you gotta listen to him! :thumb_yello:

Check out his site: http://jackjohnsonmusic.com/


Have to say that Banana Pancakes is an amazing song of his:


So far he has had 5 albums. One includes a curious george soundtrack. But my personal favourite is Inbetween Dreams. He has been around for almost 10 years now, and has a sixth album coming out in May called 'To The Sea'



What do you guys think about him?:biggrin2:

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I like no other way. and never know. and sleep through the static. and enemy haha. Jack johnson and mika are playing on the same weekend at eden project:naughty:

I love those :wub2: I'm kinda stuck between Do You Remember, Sitting Waiting Wishing, Belle, Banana Pancakes....Actually, I'd have to say anything that's on the In Between Dreams album :roftl: That's his best album, I think.


Yesssss! I wish I could go :sad:

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