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Hi there from me :)

Dragon Attack

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Welcome to the site my fire breathing friend! :)


Brian May has certainly put his stamp on it all and it is well deserved. I was just having "another day" last week when Grace Kelly popped up on the way to work on Radio 2. It really made me listen and go "wow" with goosebumps. Fantastic!


That very same day I went in search of him. I created a small blog about him, and then created the fan club to be sure that I could be involved in everything there is to do with this excellent new talent that was / is so badly needed on the UK, hell, world wide music scene!


Sorry to ramble, but I look forward to your ramblings :) lol


Welcome again, and spread the word :)



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Thanks for the lovely welcome Sunny Monkey. I really do mean that Mika has ade me feel EXACTLY the same way I felt all those years ago when I first heard Queen - real goose bump territory!!


I agree totally with everyting you said in your welcome to me. Having scanned al the other welcome messages I was so pleased to see how many Queen fans are here too - we are a VERY faithful bunch, and will give Mika all the support he deserves - that is certain :)

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