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  1. Sunny Monkey

    Prior to April 2015

    Photos uploaded to the Mika Fan Club site prior to April 2015.
  2. thank you so much for the MFC. It means a lot to me.

  3. Hello, one of my friend pointed out you live in Brighton, too. I was feeling a kind of lonly as I don't have Mika friend near by. I am sooo excited!

  4. Waoh! Thanks so much for building our second home! I'm so impressed! I just went through your threads and back in time! I registered in 2007 but Good Gone Girl is the one who brought me back here to stay for ever! I wasn't familiar with the forums as this is the very first one I got into and it took me forever to find a thread as I was lost at the begining but now MFC is even more than a second home to me, it's friends and family!

    Mika and the MFC have made my life so much better and happier! I met so many wonderful people here, all crazy Mika lovers who all feel the same about him!

    Thank you for giving us a chance to meet, share and even achieve books together!

    I'm very happy I read your post tonight! Your dream has come true as MFC's official now and still both free and commercial free which is very unique ( as unique as Mika)

    This community is a happy one thanks to you! :huglove:

  5. Hah, no, just got The Hoosiers one at the moment as I'm busy with many other things.... but I do miss the early days of MFC... perhaps I should look at starting a new one. For those that can... check out Absent Elk... they live near me and I went to college with them Good stuff afoot! Think they have a few tracks on spotify these days
  6. Just thought I'd pop by and say I'm a fan
  7. Still new to all this, not sure where to post or what to do, but I've just got back from The Apollo Manchester WOW! The best night ever.

  8. "Mika finds instead his inspiration from filmmakers, especially Tim Burton. " That explains a lot
  9. THANK YOU for the MFC!!!! :huglove:

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