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Just wanted to say Hi


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Hello all you Mika Fans out there in Cyber world.

Sometimes a singer or group come alone that will make you sit up and go WOW. When i first Heard Abba, Scissor Sisters, The Feeling, thats how i felt then my friend who works in the music scene said i had to listen to Mika coz i might like it.

Well Boom my eyes opened when Grace Kelly started playing my ears thought xmas had come again.

So i begged and begged for more and more and after a lot of PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i need more my mate let me have a copy of the Album. Your in for a treat.

So thats how i got here today saying hi to everyone. Dont Worry i will be going out on release day and makeing sure I pay for a copy as well.

So once again Hello to everyone and lets make Mika the Huge star he is going to be in 2007 and beyond.



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Helloooooo, since you've now heard all the album why not vote in the poll found on the fan club hompeage (if you haven't already that is !).


Sure he is gonna be big ;)


Just to let you know that my fav is big girl i voted for that one already but lollipop is also great

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