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Hello fellow Mika fans,


I've first read about Mika on Bri's Soapbox (Brian May). I listened to Grace Kelly on the 3rd day of its uploading to myspace, and I was listening to it for the next 2 weeks non-stop :D I told everyone how I believe Mika would be the next really big thing in music. People usually said "Yeah, whatever..." I gradually stopped listening to Grace Kelly (it was just too much), then my interest in Mika renewed when I listened to Stuck in the Middle. I found that song on par with Grace Kelly. Again, two weeks straight of listening to Mika, 8 hrs a day... then again, I started to listen to other stuff (The only thing that came close to the amount mentioned above was the Scissor Sisters. But not even Mika has beaten (yet!) my record of everyday listening for 3 years, which is set up by Queen).

Suddenly, I started to hear Grace Kelly EVERYWHERE. Even in a cyber-café where kids were playing Counter-Strike :blink: . I remembered that Life in Cartoon Motion is due out around now, and checked back on Mika, astonished to see that Grace Kelly is #1 in the UK. I phoned all my friends late in the evening (See? I told you!), annoying them a bit :naughty: I'm still very happy about Mika and the fact that I was among the first few to listen to him, and I even have a forum reply from him :wink2: (Something to show off to the grandchildren 40 years from now...)

All in all, Mika and his music is something I've been waiting for a decade.

Go Mika!

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