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Hi there !


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Hello everybody... I'm a new member too ! Yes, one more... I'm from France, waiting for Mika to come here.

I had just something to ask : I tried to join the secret society on myspace, sending a request, but it didn't work, and I'm still "awaiting for approval"... I wanted to know if it was normal or not, since it's been already 3 days since I asked ! :emot-sad:


Well, wish you all the best !!


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Well, I watched the show he was in (Le Grand Journal), and decided after having listened to Grace Kelly and Relax that I had to find other songs... And now, I'm totally addicted... It's been 10 days now !!! And I only listen to that in the MP3 player... Makes me feel so good in the cold morning (start work at 7:30am :sleep_1:)

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