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Hola de Estados Unidos


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¡ Hola a todos !

I really should be working right now... but I am having one of those days where everything I touch turns to (Insert Expletive Deleted here).

And Look... nice people stopped in to make me feel welcome!

I have to remember that this is a high class place.... I promise to act respectable. :)


Hasta Entonces,


-Marcos de Ninguan Parte


ok... breaks over. Back on your heads.

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Gracias a ti... jemmalee (that rymes)


I know I said my break was over.. sombody... log me off please!


:) This time I mean it!


-Marcos de Ninguna Parte


p.s. Logging off now... I mean it! Logging off... now ... can't quite r e a c h


... there! Got it!

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