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Hi Everyone, It has taken me a while to get around to registering but I am delighted to find so many other Mika devotees! I discovered Mika just around about Christmas time when Grace Kelly began to hit the airwaves. I am totally obsessed atthe moment (in the nicest possible way of course!) I can't wait to see Mika in Glasgow in Feb.

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Hola Kath... Y Bienvenidos a todos!


Ok... back to work... I need to get back to work...


Yo tengo muchas cosas que hacer aqí... :)


I do like the community in here though. It is put together by real people.


Ok... back to work I go...


Hasta Entonces, Kath


-Marcos de Ninguna Parte

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Hi, Thanks for the welcome.........sadly however, I only speak English, a failing I know, on my part so I could only understand half of your message, however, I gotthe general feeling! Chhers

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